What makes me happy as I go through life? The answer is straightforward, supporting others in building healthy lifestyle is what makes me happy.

Hello! My name is Jadranka Stojanovska. I am a physician scientist, an academic cardiothoracic radiologist with research interest in phenotyping obesity through the lens of imaging. My personal goal is to aid you in devising a healthy lifestyle that works only for you.

First and foremost, in this website, I will provide useful information of why being FIT makes us happy supported by my personal interest in healthy lifestyle.

The saying “we become what we eat” resonates with me on a multiple levels. Mainly because we encounter food in abundance and need to be selective of how we nourish our body. If we consume essential food in quantities we need, our body is happy. On the other side, if we consume high fat food, our body becomes grumpy and ill. This is because the unhealthy food accumulates in our body yielding weight gain on the side of the equation of energy consumption rather than energy expenditure that triggers cardiorespiratory diseases. Worldwide, two out of three people that are either obese or overweight are at risk for heart disease and diabetes.

Let me share my personal story. When I was pregnant with my son, I craved baklava every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I gained more weight than expected that made me concerned about putting myself and my baby’s health at risk for diabetes. To mitigate my risk of getting diabetes and heart disease after delivery, I attempted my first experiment that apparently did not work for me.

 I followed up on a JAMA paper –“Holy cow what’s good for you is good for the planet” that came out about eight years ago. This paper found 20% decrease in mortality in people who switched from being meat eaters to non-meat eaters. Ever since I became pescatarian. My healthy food intake was covered. For my energy expenditure I decided to run until one day my knee got swollen. I tore my meniscus and it took me 5 months after surgery with physical therapy to recover. Few months later I found to have iron deficiency anaemia as a result of becoming pescaterian. My main source for iron was meat and as a woman I lose iron every month. Maybe this abrupt lifestyle change was not an ideal option for me, but neither was liposuction as a method to decrease belly fat for the twelve women with hypertension, high blood lipids and mild systemic inflammation because their health condition did not change after the liposuction. The only benefit from the procedure was smaller waist. Liposuction removes the adipose tissue under the skin or so called subcutaneous adipose, but doesn’t affect the fat or the adipose tissue around our heart called epicardial adipose that predisposes us to getting sick.

Therefore, in this website we aim to help you make the right decisions to lead a healthy and disease-free lifestyle. The premise of this website is that the power resides in you and your decisions to ultimately help you lead a healthy lifestyle utilizing its content.

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    To guide the audience in devising personalized lifestyle to stay fit and healthy
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    To become a premier of resource dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyle to bring contentment in people's lives
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    Holistic approach to promote excellence in building and maintaining healthy lifestyle through education, healthy food, fitness, and meditation.
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