Being Aware Of The Little Things Leads To A Lifestyle Change

Being Aware Of The Little Things Leads To A Lifestyle Change

mindful movement meditation
mindful movement meditation
Meditation is an ancient practice that has been a part of the fabric of many cultures around the world. It stresses harmony and being at peace with your surroundings and yourself. The goal is to connect yourself to your surroundings and act as a conduit to let nature take its natural flow through your body.
Mindfulness meditation, being a mental training practice, teaches you to slow down your thoughts and calm your body and mind. Therefore, movement incorporated into this results in a practice called mindfulness movement meditation that incorporates complicated mindful movements, which refers to different exercises while placing all the attention on the movements of your body and your breathing, all while maintaining a passive sense of meditation.

Mindful movement meditation

Mindful movement meditation aims to keep the practitioner present at the moment and notice the world around them while they drown themselves in a meditative state. Something as simple as listening to an audio track while walking or listening to a meditation podcast helps fine-tune your focus and helps accustom you to this pattern of behaviour. This method of listening to either an audio track as an impetus for meditation is also used in certain practices of deep relaxation meditation for gradual entry into a meditative state.

Mindful movement can be as simple as watching the weight of your body on your feet or your posture while you sit. Being aware of these things that normally you wouldn’t notice helps your body be attuned to its surroundings and heightens the level of your physical well-being.

Here are 3 easy methods to practice mindful movement:

Meditative mind-body practices:

Practices like yoga and tai-chi that focus on a free-flowing meditative movement are the best forms of mindful movement meditation. They have a broad range of benefits for your mind and body and are extremely beneficial when incorporated into your daily living.

Mindful cleaning:

This might sound funny, but this practice has been part of traditional Zen meditation for hundreds of years. It is practised both inside and outside, offers the benefit of training your presence as you go through the motions, and gives you a cleaner house.

Walking meditation:

This is the peak of mindful movement meditations. This practice uses locomotion as the meditation focus. This trains and sharpens your focus as you can choose to either maintain awareness of the whole body as you progress along or concentrate on the movement of your feet or the shift in your weight. The pace and pattern of your walk can vary based on what suits you.

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