Is It Necessary To Take Time Off Work For Stress?

Is It Necessary To Take Time Off Work For Stress?

Health Benefits
Health Benefits

Most of us experience anxiety and stress in our lives at one point or another. Work can often be a contributing factor to this increasing level of stress or anxiety. It is a common mental health issue. Ongoing stress and anxiety can have an adverse impact on our minds and body. Hence it is important you do not ignore it.

Chronic stress can lead to insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure, and a damaged immune system, contributing to health conditions like depression, obesity, and heart disease. So if you are stressed and looking for healthy lifestyle tips, why not take a break from work to help you get things back on track?

Mental health disruptions are real

Due to stigma, one might feel that mental health is not a real reason to take time off. However, mental health is as important as one’s physical health, so it is okay to prioritize it in the same way.

Just like you would take a break from work if you were physically sick, it is okay to take a break when you are struggling mentally. Although it is tempting to try and push through it, stress can impact your overall performance at work.

Signs that you need a break

Life is uncertain and stressful. So now, how do you know that you are so stressed that you need a break? The obvious signs of stress to look out for are as follows:

  • You might be facing insomnia or find that you are restless in bed
  • Often people start to notice they see things from a more negative perspective while struggling to see the positives
  • You might not want to finish tasks and are putting them off until later
  • You might be feeling a sense of hopelessness about your life and future
  • You might be eating more or less than usual
  • You might be facing trouble focusing at work. You might also struggle to focus on things you enjoy
  • Some find they are being hard on themselves or feeling bad about themselves
  • This may seem unusual for you
  • You might have a short temper
  • It is seen to feel exhausted and has no energy

How long should your break be?

Deciding how long to take off work may seem difficult. However, it is a personal choice, which depends on how you feel and how much rest you will need.

A few days are enough if you do not have an ongoing mental illness and feel you need some time to reduce your stress levels. However, if you have severe stress or have a history of mental illness, you might need a break of a week or two to get back to normal.

If you are unsure about the time you need, discussing with your doctor to get some advice is suggested. At Eat2BHealthy, we are experienced professionals to help your business mitigate commercial disputes and move forward.

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